This Fifa 16 first touch tutorial will go in detail on how to control passes and greatly improve your first touch. There are 3 main types of First touches in Fifa 16.


The first, first touch is protect the ball, which is executed by hold LT/L2 before the ball gets to you this. This is the best way to control a pass. When you are going to receive a pass, especially a powerful pass, press LT/L2 and that will greatly improve your first touch in Fifa 16. It is also great near the penalty box because if the defenders are drawn out of position trying to intercept the pass you will be able to shield them and get right by them. They will either have to foul you or attempt to get around you. This gives you plenty of time to blow right pass the defender.

The next main first touch is the dummy. This is executed by holding RB/R1 before a receiving a pass. This is great if a defender is trying to apply a lot of pressure as you can catch them off guard and if there is open space behind him, blow right by him. Be careful if you pass the ball with too much power you will not have time to actually dummy the pass.

Lastly, the best first touch in Fifa 16 is the first time fake shot. This is executed by sliding your finger from the shoot button to the pass button. You can blow right by your defender with a well-timed fake shot. Make sure to control the ball first before attempting the fake shot or else your player will take a random shot.