There has been a stir in game fans since EA Sports officially released top 50 players ratings for FIFA 17. Some argue its justifice, which some complain that these are not accurate ratings. So here is an analysis of top 50 players ratings from some hardcore fan, of course, it’s just personal idea.

Dribbling Stats

The dribbling stats were almost perfect apart from one player in the top 5. Cristiano Ronaldo deserves to be the top rated player. But he is not amongst the top 5 dribblers. It has been ages since we last saw him terrorize defenses with his dribbling skills week in week out. He is a phenomenal goal-scorer, but he is not a great dribbler.

Passing Stats

EA rated Payet’s passing abilities higher than that of Messi’s. Payet doesn’t play for any glamorous club like Chelsea, Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern etc. So it is easy for people to overlook his abilities. But that rating is justified. Messi plays with players like Iniesta, Suarez and Neymar, so it is obvious that his pass completion rate is going to be higher when compared to Payet. But, when you look at the passes that Payet tries to play you will understand why he got a higher rating when compared to Messi.

Overall Ratings

Wayne Rooney is clearly past his prime and an 87 rating in no way justifies his form during the last couple of years. Also, Pepe and Ramos too got overtly generous ratings. Had Ramos been a striker, his 89 overall rating would have been justified. All in all, the overall ratings are a bit generous in places, whereas they are down right absurd in others.

Messi vs Ronaldo

EA did something similar when it gave Ronaldo (94) a higher rating than that of Messi (93). This rating is rather justified. That’s because Ronaldo had a far better season than Messi. He won the UCL and the Euro Championship with Portugal. Messi did win the domestic double Barcelona, but here Neymar and Suarez often contributed more than he did. Real Madrid do have bale and Benezema but it is more often than not that Real Madrid are bailed out by Ronaldo.

Some of FIFA 17 ratings are fair, most of them generous and quite a few are absurd. So fans hope these ratings to be adjusted. Something else comes along that fixes these skewed ratings. Till then let us all hope that the rest of the ratings are not similarly skewed.