FIFA 16 offers a range of regular content that also includes the Team of the Week, which is designed to offer gamers more options for the Ultimate Team, including a range of upgrades for the best performing players.

EA Sports will probably also soon introduce bigger events for the player community, including official tournaments linked to real world occasions, in order to make sure that they stay engaged with the football sim.

The development team also seems to be mostly satisfied with the core game mechanics, but a title update is now offered for the PC version of the game, although it is unclear when it will be offered on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

How to Submit Your Goals for FIFA 16 Goals of the Week?

To enter FIFA 16 Goals of the Week competition, you need to record your whole goal (not just the replay) using the default camera in FIFA 16. Do not capture your goal using your mobile etc. Then send your recorded goal to EA Sports using this link: