These are the best instructions in Fifa 16 for all formations, they will help put your players in better positions and score easy goals.


The first thing I like to do when applying instructions in Fifa 16, regardless of formation, is tell my LB/RB to stay back while attacking. Then I tell my CDMs to stay back while attacking as well as cut passing lanes.

Depending on how good my defenders are and how strong my defense is I might tell my CAMs to stay forward, otherwise, I leave them as they are. If I have a sole striker in my formation I tell him to stay central and target man. This will make him hover just outside the box and wait for the pass. If it is a two striker formation then I tell one of them to stay central and target man, while the other faster striker I tell to stay central and get in behind.

If there are any winger or LM/RM I tell them to stay wide, stay forward, and get in behind. This will help them make better runs and get in better positions. I can look for them to be making good runs on goal and score easy goals.

These are my base instructions for Fifa 16 and Fifa Ultimate Team. These will work for any formation. Depending on your play-style you may want to switch a couple of these instructions. Make sure to combine these instructions with my best tactics video to insure your players get in better positions and score easy goals. Save these instructions if you are playing Ultimate Team, so you don’t have to do it each time. Instructions will reset if you switch your formation.