How to make more coins always been a hot and realistic topic in FIFA 16, admittedly, there are a lot of methods, these guides are the basicly you need to know, once you do not have enough money follow this guide to have a try.

Sell valuable cards you don’t need

If you receive a great card in a pack, but it isn’t necessarily one you can use in your squad, or it would enquire building an entirely new squad, consider selling it for big profit instead. This is a great way to make a quick buck rather than fork out extra coin to try and build a team around it.

Once again, Ultimate Team is about chemistry rather than a collection of star players, so if the value of that card can be better spent collecting a better team, it might be worth the sacrifice. Not if it’s a Messi or Ibrahimovic, obviously.

Use the EAS FC Catalogue

The EA Sports FC Catalogue allows you to spend FCC, a form of currency earned by playing every mode in the game, on Ultimate Team boosts. These can be an extra squad slot to create a new Ultimate Team, a 99-game player contract, a bigger Transfer List pile, or more importantly: Coin Reward Boosts.

The Coin Reward Boosts improve the higher your level in FIFA. You can only purchase rewards up to your current player level. A level eight Coin Boost, for example, offers an extra 200 coins per game for ten matches. A level 25 Coin Boost, on the other hand, offers 1000 coins per game for ten matches. Of course, it’s more expensive, but well worth the investment if you spend the majority of your time playing Ultimate Team.

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose the match, you’ll still receive this reward at its conclusion.

Once you have enough coins, play FIFA 16’s FUT Draft

To get more bang for your buck, FUT Draft is a great way to get a bunch of packs and players and also save on wasting your squad’s contracts, too. By paying 15,000 coins, which won’t take too long to earn once you get going, you can play in the dream team tournament and earn potentially huge rewards should you progress far enough. The mode is also great fun to boot. Check out VideoGamer’s guide for some beginner’s tips on FUT Draft.

Never stop scoring

Every year players have to go through the laborious task of playing through the early, easy Amateur tournaments and seasons. The game sets these to Amateur difficulty by default, though you can change these at your discretion, which will affect your reward multiplier at the end of each match, but make sure you’re confident you can still win the game with your early squad which will no doubt have poor chemistry.

Everything you do in a match is calculated at the end and giving as a coin reward, with goals offering up to 200 coins, so make sure you keep scoring even against pitiful opponents. pass accuracy also pays out based on your percentage completion (% = coins), so towards the end of the game try to pass the ball around your backline to boost the number a bit. Possession is the same, so keeping the ball with your defenders for the closing stages will help prop this number, too.

Basically, the better you perform on a higher difficulty, the more cash you stand to earn.