Today is a momentous day if you’re a fan of FIFA video games. Whilst we’re all distracted by free packs,positional changes and tournaments at FUT’s 7th Birthday bash.


As expected, a new Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 update today (weighing in at 3.9GB) added the UEFA Euro 2016 for free, which includes new national team licenses, tournament branding, an official tournament mode, an official match ball, and the Stade de France.

On the other hand, why would EA in their right mind let a tournament license of this stature go? The obvious answers are of course, resource and money. All the previous Euro games have been developed by a separate team from the main FIFA one and that in itself requires some serious commitment. And what if those devs are now working on FIFA 17, FIFA 18 or EA SPORTS shared tech? Perhaps that kind of man-power just doesn’t exist anymore at EA to do this type of peripheral mid-cycle development.

The cynic’s opinion would of course be that FUT makes more money than any Euro 2016 sales could generate, (TOTS week will probably make more alone) and therefore EA have decided to put all their eggs in one Ultimate Team shaped basket. And are therefore almost solely investing in their headline hitting annual FIFA experience.

I genuinely wish Konami the best of luck with the Euro 2016 DLC and any subsequent versions in the future, it’s a real coup for them and hopefully the content they release today stacks up against peoples expectations, free or not. But as a commentator on all things FIFA, I can’t help but be a little bit disappointed, and fiercely jealous.

So this week FIFA fans grab yourself a glass of ultimate team champagne (make sure you use a coaster) and a big old slice of FUT birthday cake too. Oh, and don’t mind the noise from next-door. They’re having a Euro inspired piss-up and mucky disco.

Euro 2016 DLC:

The Euro 2016 is automatically downloaded with Data Pack 3. Other than the above the DLC will bring the official Euro 2016 tournament mode. Here you will be able to select one of the competing teams from Euro 2016 and try and make your own journey to the trophy. You can play this mode with friends also as you have the option to select multiple user players.

Secondly you will be able to play exhibition matches using the Euro 2016 theme, this will be similar to the current Champions League theme. The final Euro 2016 specific additions are the official ball and the introduction of a new stadium, the host of the final itself the Stade de France.