FIFA 16 will be released at September 22th for for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Android and iOS. On consoles, FIFA will get Women’s National Teams for the first time, and twelve teams will be playable. What’s more, female players will appear on the game’s box in the US, Canada, and Australia. But on mobile, you can only pick from dudes.

Female Players Do Not Appear in FIFA 16 This Year

EA has explained why the FIFA 16 for phones and tablets won’t feature female players like its console equivalent. EA says it’s because the mobile version is based exclusively on FIFA Ultimate Team, which lets you hire and transfer players to build your own squad of players to compete in international tournaments.

“Because women’s and men’s teams don’t compete against each other at this level in the real world of the sport, women players do not appear in this year’s mobile game,” a spokesperson said.

That last line might give some hope that a future mobile game – or perhaps an update to this mobile release – will let the iOS and Android editions of FIFA catch up with their console cousin.

Although there is no women’s football this year, but the statement from EA’s still a player that the next year it might be possible to launch, it is likely that EA wanted to see the actual performance of the system board to make a decision.