The Barclays Premier League is well known for its massive spending in the transfer windows and today Squawka has announced the FIFA 16 Career Mode budgets for each team, but are they realistic?

FIFA 16 Career Mode Reveal Premier League Budgets

In recent years it could be argued that EA Sports has massively under/over-estimated the transfer budgets in their world renowned video game. For argument sake, a club such as West Bromwich Albion could be spending approximately £20m each transfer window, although the game would only allow gamers a budget of say… £6m.

So, have they fixed this recurring issue? Let’s find out.

Here are the confirmed transfer budgets for each Premier League team:

  • Arsenal: 50.5m
  • Aston Villa: 21m
  • Bournemouth: 11.5m
  • Chelsea: 61m
  • Crystal Palace: 17m
  • Everton: 18m
  • Leicester City: 19.5m
  • Liverpool: 39.5m
  • Man City: 72m
  • Man United: 57.5m
  • Newcastle: 25m
  • Norwich: 16m
  • Southampton: 23m
  • Spurs: 32.5m
  • Stoke: 21.5m
  • Sunderland: 20m
  • Swansea: 18m
  • Watford: 13.5m
  • West Brom: 16m
  • West Ham: 21.5m

FIFA 16 is set for release on September 22nd in North America, but will hit the UK shelves on September 24th.