From time to time you might see a headline about one of your players wanting to leave the club. You get to the transfer season and the board automatically sells them for half their price and you’ve lost a key player. This trick that I’ve used in my career mode has worked every single time (around 4-5 times since I’ve started using it).  Not sure how many people knew this but for the people who don’t know this, I hope this helps you out a lot


What you basically need to do is as soon as you see the article about the player ‘wanting to leave’, you have to give that player a new contract ASAP! When you give that player a new contract (sometimes you might have to ‘sweeten the deal’), you’ll get a message from that player basically saying that the press is chatting a load of rubbish and wants to stay at the club.


You can also play them a lot more and every press conference go select the unhappy player and praise them. That kept a few key players from leaving. I’ve lost others but that’s because I built up too good of a team for them to play every week and usually 84-87 rated players want to play every game unless they aren’t fit (with the exception of Rafael Varane who wants to play every game even when he’s injured which is all the fucking time).