The FIFA 16 North American Cup Tournament is now live on your consoles and will be available until Wednesday, March 30th at 5pm UK time. The North American Cup has taken most of us by surprise as it’s come unannounced and unexpected, especially after the FUT 7th Birthday Cup tournament extravaganza. It looks as though the win rewards are progressive so it could do your FIFA coin totals the world of good! It’s great to see tournaments with progressive rewards as it gives players more of an incentive to play FIFA, as opposed to the usual yoyoing through seasons. Full details below.


Online Tournament Bonus

First Win: 4,000 Coins
Second Win: 6,000 Coins
Third Win: 9,000 Coins
Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Win: It repeats (same as before)

Offline Tournament Bonus

First Win: 1,500 Coins
Second Win: 3,000 Coins
Third Win: 4,000 Coins
Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Win: It repeats (same as before)

Entry Requirements

Exact number of players from MLS + Liga Bancomer MX: 18 in the squad’s Starting 11 and Subs

Offline Difficulty



0 Trophies

We’re expecting a fair amount of hype with this new FUT tournament due to the progressive win rewards.

North American Cup Squad Builder

It’s a great time to experiment with an MLS and LIGA Bancomer MX Squad Builder. With an increase in demand in these players we’re expecting a slight rise in prices for the more popular choices. You’ll probably be able to make some good FIFA coins if you’re reading this early!