Debuts this year in FIFA 16 FUT Draft mode, a whole new way to play FIFA Ultimate Team. This new mode will test your skills in creating a team, selecting the best player for each position by a series of five random players. Create a rose and challenge opponents in a maximum of four games to win big prizes.fifa 16 draft mode beginsFIFA 16 Ultimate Team New Mode Introduction: Draft Mode


fifa 16 draft mode begins
Start mode Draft FUT choosing your basic module among the five proposed. Choose carefully, because you can not change it later. You will entrust to a form that you know well, or they will experience one that you’ve never tried before?


fifa 16 draft mode - CHOOSE A CAPTAIN
After choosing the form, it’s time to put together your rose. The first thing to do is choose a captain from a series of five champions.


fifa 16 draft mode - COMPLETE YOUR PINK
Afterwards you will need to complete your shortlist of 23 elements, selecting each player for each position by a series of five random players. You’ll find yourself faced with choices not easy: better to take the best player for that role or focus to achieve maximum understanding? Try different combinations to see what suits you. After selecting the starting lineup, the substitutes and reserves, you can have the players to improve the understanding.

The draft includes all players of FUT, including FUT Legends (Xbox only) and special versions in the form of the current week. All this variety makes Draft FUT ideal to try some of the best players in the game.


fifa 16 draft mode - FOUR GAMES FOR GLORY
When you’re ready, it’s time to take the field and challenge opponents in a series of four games. You can play alone against online users around the world. As you go forward, you will earn rewards even better, including loans, packages and more. Win four games in a row to get better rewards!


fifa 16 draft mode - HOW TO ENTER
To join Draft FUT you must pay a fee of [15,000 credits, 300 FIFA Points] or 1 token draft (available in packages FUT). Even if you lose the first game, you will still receive a premium equal to the amount paid to register. More go ahead and the better the rewards you get.

Check out the trailer on Draft mode FUT starring Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher to see what it is: