Crystal Palace have embarked on their pre-season tour to Canada, and as part of their visit to Vancouver a few of the players dropped in to EA’s HQ to get some hands on time with FIFA 17. But with football players being well, football players, a few images have linked which reveal the new design of the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team player items. As you can see below.

FIFA 17 Fut Crad

The main points here being that the item looks a little bare because it doesn’t have any stats on it (don’t panic), and the top of the crest now protrudes out to create depth between the curve and the outlines. FIFA 17’s diagonal stripes texture is also in use continuing the theme of FUT items adopting the overall game’s branding style for that year. No surprises there then.

This image goes hand in hand with the Robert Pires Legend item which also leaked about a week ago. Here you can see exactly the same crest design, only with the Legend colours in place of the Rare Gold. We’ve not seen anything of Non-rare, Silver, Bronze or In-Form items as yet so watch this space.

FIFA 17 -pires-legend-card

Historically, the major FUT news comes out around Gamescom which is only a short month away so not long untill we see everything that FUT 17 has to offer.