What’s the point in scoring an absolute peach of a goal on FIFA if you can’t rub it in your mate’s face with an annoying celebration?

This is all very interesting but the most important thing about FIFA 17 is that you can hit the dab.

It’s not enough to just beat them, you have to humiliate them and make them regret ever becoming your friend in the first place. Because you know that when it comes to their turn to be on top, they’ll do the same to you. And what’s more 2016 than celebrating a lucky goal by dabbing your heart out?

Now you can finally get in on the hottest dance move of the year while playing your favorite video game, as FIFA have added a dab to their arsenal of celebrations for the new game and you can already try it out in the demo. Depending on whether you own a Playstation or an Xbox, it’s a pretty straight forward process.

Here are steps. First, score a goal. Second, as for Playstation users, hold down R1 and double tap triangle. For Xbox players, it’s just as simple to hold down RB and hit Y twice. Last, dab along with your victorious on-screen avatar. Just watch out for the flying controller in case your mate is sick of being dabbed on.

After doing all these, witnessing you pull off what is comfortably the most famous celebration in world football.