In this article we will suggest cheap midfielders for FIFA 17 Career Mode that you should be able to use in your club. But this is all personal opinion and that I have not played with every single CM in the game, but I have played with a lot. Different people like different playstyles and that is the same here. Now, let’s see them.


Maybe a bit of a curveball here, but Charlie Adam is genuinely still decent on FIFA. Over 2000 total stats he is a bargain at quick sell value who can do a bit of everything. He lacks any real pace which lets him down but he is a technical god (for a 76)! He can hit a shot, pass quite well and is physically strong. Fancy something different, why not try Charlie out? My rating: C+ Value: B Playability: B-

This hurts me being a Villa fan, but Delph is pretty good on FIFA… Very fast for a CM, dribbles very well and is all around not really bad at anything. He is a very solid option who will cost you next to nothing! My rating: B- Value: A Playability: B

Quick and strong at 6’1 he is a slightly better Delph. Not great at anything, nor bad at anything he will get you by until you can afford the elite options! My rating: B Value: A Playability: B

Emre Can
I had a lot of people complaining this boy wasn’t in the CDM list, but I prefer him at CM, although no doubt he can play there fine. Nearly 2100 total stats this boy is an absolute beast for an 80. I believe he will go onto be one of the world’s best players in FIFA’s to come, but for now he isn’t at the elite level. 6’2 with 76 pace, this boy is crazy good value and I rate him highly. My rating: A- Value: A Playability: A-

A favorite of FIFA players for many a year, he is just way too good in comparison to what he is in real life. 81 pace is crazy for a CM, nevermind with 83 dribbling and 80 passing. an incredibly solid card that is less than 2 k now, for an 81 he is crazy good. My rating: A- Value: A+ Playability: A

Another absolutely class operator for his level with nearly 2100 stats he is a very solid all rounder. Most of the best CM’s are good at most things and Herrera does this. He isn’t too class at shooting, but dribbling is something he excels at with very solid passing. At just over 1 k you cannot go wrong. My rating: B+ Value: A Playability: A-
Dembele A more expensive option, but for good reason. Dembele is a physical beast with 84 physical and 77 pace on his card. He can do a bit of everything, and is a great engine in the midfield. My rating: A Value: B Playability: A

We are getting to some of the elite players now and Gundogan really is brilliant. He has decent pace, is solid physically but this is not were he excels. His dribbling and passing are absolutely brilliant and he really is a very good option at only 30 k. His in form if you like him is just a comfortably better version of him, if you really like him I’d recommend his in form. My rating: A+ Value: B+ Playability: A+

He has some weaknesses, but is one of the best passers in the whole game. With a great touch a solid long shot and one of the best passers in the entire game at only 15 k he is stupidly good value. Make sure he is paired with a physically strong partner in CM otherwise you may lose the midfield battle. My rating: A+ Value: A+ Playability: A

Money is no object
Ok we have 2 players here … One is Kante or his IF, go back to the CDM thread to find out more about what I think of him and then the next is …

I think he is very good in real life of course, but he is unreal on FIFA, arguably in the top 5 players in the game bar legends. He is fast, incredibly strong, has one of the best long shots in the game, can pass, dribbles like a boss and defends very well. He has absolutely no weakness. He doesn’t come at all cheap, but if you have the coins he is a 100% game changer. His in form I have tried and don’t recommend as it is like 500-600 k more expensive, it’s better but not worth it unless you have unlimited funds. My rating: A+++ Value: C Playability: A+++

Well there you go guys, I hope you have enjoyed the list and heard about a few good options. There are loads of players I could have mentioned, which I am sure some of you will love. Let me know who your loves are.