Before you plan your attacks, you need to know how to protect your ball. In this page, defending tips are given to you to improve your defending skills.

1. Be familiar with defending controls

Based on your platform and your controller, try to get used to all buttons and controls for defending, below are the controls for FIFA 17 defending on PS4, Xbox and PC gamepads.

fifa 17 defending control buttons

2. Best defenders in your Starting XI

Pick up your best available defenders in your club for your Starting 11. The overall rating of a defenders (OVR) says everything, remember, defending (DEF), tackling (TAC), pace (PAC) and heading (HEA) are the key traits as for the player ratings in terms of defending. Choose 4 or 5 of your best defenders with highest rating. as for your CB positions, it would be better to choose defenders with better HEA and TAC ratings. Choosing the mid-field players with top DEF attributes will improve your defensive skills on the pitch.

3. Choose best formation

It matters how many defenders you have in your defensive line, but what matters more, is how you’re going to manage your defense when your opponent is attacking to your goal. You need to engage all of players to prevent receiving goals, not only your defenders. Even your strikers should be involved with defending efforts. That means you need to go for a formation that makes you comfortable to block your opponent’s attacks. 4-1-3-2, 4-3-1-2 or 5-3-2 are suggested as defensive formations as these ones are more dynamic to switch between defense and attack mode. But again, you need to find your best formation.

4. Know the weakness of your team

Do not ignore paying attentions to your weak points, take note of the ways you receive goals. Whether it’s through a header from a cross, or a direct shot, the point is to recognise the holes in your defense and fix them. Figure out what causes you to receive goals, is it a silly mistake or it’s your lack of defending skills? Put them down altogether and make a checklist of it so you can go through them and fix them one by one.

5. Try to win the most of man-to-man battles

Block your opponent’s dribbling with short tackles, do slide tackles only when you are sure that you’re going to touch the ball not the legs of your opponent. First, be patient. Then try to give your opponent a hard time, make them confused and narrow down their choices. Remember the time is crucial for them, and you need to buy time to ruin their attack. Focus on man to man battles and do short tackles to the players who carry the ball, and block off the ball players as well.

Hope the tips will gonna work for you guys.