A centre-back defends in the area directly in front of the goal, and tries to prevent opposing players, particularly centre-forwards, from scoring. They are very important and the best CB for you is very much dependent on the type of player you are and how good you are going forward or how bad you are defensively. The better you are the less you’ll need a great defensive full back.



My rating: B- Value: A Playability: C (I don’t like technically bad players at CB)

There is a reason this boy was used so much early on in FIFA, because he is ridiculously good for a 76, he is quick and strong with great defensive work rates and being 6’1 he won’t get dominated in the air. He lacks the defensive stats of some of the top CB’s but at discard value he will do a great job.

Van Dijk

My rating: B+ Value: A Playability: B+

6’3, 80 jumping, 92 strength, solid pace and technically very sound for a 79 CB this boy is destined for great things. He should be better than a 79 on FIFA based on real life, but he is genuinely brilliant. I first really noticed him when someone equalised with a 30 yarder from him against me, I was like wtf how is a CB doing that, then I saw he has 64 long shots and 81 shot power, lesson learned. He is one of the best value premiership CB’s, but is quite attacking. I would not recommend having 2 CB’s with high attacking work rates.


My rating: B+ Value: A- Playability: B-

It’s a real shame to see this talented young CB’s career stalling in real life due to injuries as he is a very good player. However no worry he is still class on FIFA. 73 Pace and very solid physical stats he is a really good player who at under 2 k is a bargain, he won’t let you down and can deal with very good players. He is short of elite though due to a lack of high rated stats.


My rating: B Value: A- Playability: B

He is a really solid defender with good defensive work rates and has a pretty tasty card. No major strengths, but no weaknesses really for under 2 K he is a good connector to other leagues as well with his nationality.


My rating: A+ Value: A Playability: A-

I didn’t want to believe it or give into the temptation, but boy Chris is just too good, Smalldini as he is known in some quarters I just don’t get how he plays so well, but he is one of the best CB’s on the game, it’s ridiculous. For crying out loud Boateng barely outperforms him, he is legendary on this reddit and if you haven’t tried him yet please do, he is crazy good.


My rating: A+ Value: B+ Playability: A

I really like this guy, I currently use him in my team and for me he just plays great, 78 pace with great defensive stats, he is not the best physically, but he is no slouch here either and a nice anchor card will do the trick at bringing him up to the elite level. Again he is a great connector with his nationality and is truly up their with the elites! He is very good on the ball as well!

IF Alderweireld

My rating: A+ (for ball playing CB users) Value: U (for now) Playability: A+

Disclaimer, he is awful value until the Hazard SBC is over and even then isn’t cheap! However he is one of the best ball playing CB’s in the game if you like that, and is brilliant defensively, but wait until his price comes down. I used him for a long time and I really liked him, watch out for him when he drops again, although he may never if he has been used up for the SBC.

Special shout out to the IF Luiz, his card looks insane, but I am waiting til his price drops to try him out, but I think he could be a fantastic player.

Honourable mentions list: John Stones, Ogbonna, Otamendi, Matip, Cahill, Sakho, Bailly, Williams there is a whole array of options and it is really down to you, I just highlighted some of the ones I like a lot. Hope they help you out!