FIFA 17 has been released for more than six months, it brings us happiness, enthusiasm, anger and disappointment. Let’s review the trip of FIFA 17.

The promotion of the twenty-fourth title of the series was built mainly around the debut of a story mode, called “The Journey”. However, it was in Ultimate Team that the community saw the best implementations. The acceptance towards the game modes FUT Champions and Squad Building Challenges somehow exceeded EA’s expectations. The first one is seen as a strong investment in an effort to elevate the game into the eSport category, at a moment when professional competition in the video game world faces constant development.

fifa 17

Thematic tournaments were replaced by knockout matches for the Weekend League so that the best players of the weekend can qualify for presential tournaments, which can get the winner a spot in the FIWC, where considerable money awards can be won. And the Squad Building Challenges, where players are invited to test their squad building abilities with a series of specific requirements, came to fill in the gap that existed relatively to game modes that are directed to the most hardcore players. Besides that, they’ve reanimated a transfer market which in the previous years seemed too predictable and lacked concurrence.

FIFA 17 is also marked by the year in which new types of cards were created. Between the release of Ultimate Scream, which offered temporary upgrades, and the American Independence Day, all these were launched: Movember, Group Stage, POTM, POTY, three variants of the MOTM, FUT Champions, Squad Building Challenge and even an Alex Hunter that came from story mode and no one really wants to use. That’s right, there’s been more cards making their debut this year than cards launched along the eight previous editions. We left out the Ones to Watch, black cards with characteristics that keep up with the player’s best TOTW.

Ultimate Team caught up a new pace with FIFA 17 and the game modes introduced in it. The market has never been so complex and the game so competitive. Besides, EA make sure every other occasion gets its own promotional pack sale. It looks like they’ve found the formula to success…

Although FIFA have some issues and bugs, it’s not a bad game. We hope EA can bring a better game for us in FIFA 18.