Everyone is getting excited about FIFA 17 Ultimate Team and now we may have some very exciting news for you. EA are rumored to be bringing a new type of card to FUT 17, which is called “One to Watch”.

These cards may be a special black card, which will be given to those players that are highlighted as ones to watch during a season where they may be likely to be in good form for a prolonged period of time. The most important thing about these cards though, is that they can increase in both monetary value and also in stats without you having to purchase another ‘One to Watch’ card for that player during the season.

fifa 17 one to watch ultimate team

You can see an example of this above with Ibrahimovic, a player that is likely to get one of these cards during the season. You can see that with each new in-form card that he gets, his ‘One to Watch’ card increases automatically too with stats which match those of the in-form card.

You can also check out the excellent video from YouTuber MattHDGamer to see more examples of players who may get this new type of special card in FIFA 17.

What are your thoughts on this idea, would you love to see it?