FIFA Valentine’s Day Promotion is created to celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day on February 14 since FIFA 13. FIFA 17 Valentine’s Day Promotion this year will start from 13 February (Monday) to 15 February 2017 (Wednesday).

FIFA 17 Valentines-Day

During the FIFA 17 Valentine’s Day Promotion, EA will release some special offers for players like kits, discounted packs and special squad building challenges. The specific Valentine’s Day offers need to be confirmed. Here are the Valentine’s Day offers of previous years.

FIFA 16: Discounted Premium Gold Players Packs (Limit: 10)
FIFA 15: 35k Mega Packs
FIFA 14: Free untradeable Gold Pack for those that logged into FUT via the console.
FIFA 13: 15k Premium Gold Jumbo Packs (Limit: 5)