This year I bought PES FIFA 16 when it came out, because I remember playing it on PS2 and everyone was saying that this year it’s really good. In November, there were some issues with Konami servers, so I thought I would try out the new FIFA in the meantime. It took me a while to get used to the gameplay from PES, but now I play both games regularly and love them both (each has its pros and cons, but they’re both good games IMO). Although I prefer PES gameplay on the pitch (because of the strategy aspect of the game), I enjoy FIFA just as well because I find it less frustrating and more casual.

But to get to the point. What I REALLY enjoy about FUT and basically the main reason I have this game is the Transfer Market, Packs and the trading aspect of the game. I play mostly Draft and occasionally Seasons, just to earn some coins when I’m low (I buy FIFA points), but 90% of the time I spent in game is opening packs and trading cards. When I’m not on my PS, I’m always checking the WebApp or Companion. I love how the market acts, that it’s real people setting the price (to an extent), just like a real world market. I’m always buying/selling something to make profit – and then spend it all on packs.

Is there anyone who plays FUT mostly because of the trading too? I mean, if there was no market, how many of you would still play FUT?

I mostly trade because I don’t always have the time to sit 20 minutes and play a match. Putting some bids in and buying a couple players just takes me 5 minutes.

But I still have the game mostly to play. The only reason I trade is so I can afford higher rated players or just players I want.

So are you a player or a trader?