Thanks to Allclumsy who give us these helpful tips for all players in FIFA 17. I sort out his advice and answer here. Wish to help all fans to play well in FIFA 17. Here we go!


How to keep a lead?

I defend with my midfielders and not my defenders so usually my defense is pretty solid throughout the game. I don’t go on defensive/ultra/p the b unless I score in extra time. The biggest way to hold the lead is FOCUS. You need to focus a lot on the game, because after a two goal lead they will pile on the pressure. Subs are also very key; Having a renato sanches (or somebody with a lot of stamina & good defending) will be really helpful around the 65th.

The last Pass or the Finish

Q: I can build nice chances for me a lot, but when it comes to the last Pass it gets often intercepted and my finishing is also rather weak.

A: Cross net finishes are soooo OP this game (with power) and try to be faster with your last pass. you’ll be surprised how much more your last pass will get through when you stop thinking as much about it and just do it.

How to defend?

Defend with my mids and play auto switching:air balls only. I’m a bad defender too but I find this is the most effective way to play good defense if you’re not good at it this year.

Try to do more containing with your midfielders. don’t just chase and let them get out of position. Remember they only have a certain amount of players threatening to shoot from far out too. for example, if they have a pogba ready to shoot, and you go up with kante and just hold LT near him, it’ll force him to either shoot into you, or pass. If he passes, switch players to the closer midfielder and apply same pressure, until you can win the ball back. I find the longshots are the only way i’m getting scored on too, but containing in usually the best way around that.

How do you manage to overcome the EAids?

You can’t overcome it without the greatest players in the game I’ve found (ronaldos / legends) even my hazard (90) doesn’t overcome the aids

Shield the ball with my attackers

L2 and move either side to side or away from the defender. If a player is really tight on you, it means you can quickly one-two and get around him (have a man advantage on the attack) or you can even turn him and pass it for a through ball somewhere. I just keep practicing the L2 dribbling every game because I’m also new to it.

Is there any specific tip or trick to dribbling well?

LT + RT is a new thing this game, its the super broken unnatural dribbling that you’re talking about. It takes a lot of practice, but it’s the key to most wins.