The month ahead in FUT Champions! New prizes, updated schedule and revised win requirements. Let’s see them together below.


Let’s see some players’ reviews on Fut Champions:

1. Let’s just take a second that appreciate what EA are doing for us this year. Usually all we do is complain about how bad everything is but this year they really are going above and beyond with their support. This is hands down the best Fifa ever made, hopefully with the upcoming patches they’ll address the gameplay issues that many people have.

2. This is all awesome and insane but I have one big problem with this. That problem is that the tiers in the ranks are kind of pointless! You get the exact same reward for Elite 1 as Elite 3 and so on. Might as well not waste my time and just go for elite 3 every month. Only a little issue to this but overall I like what EA are doing this year!

3. This is great for some people but it sucks for me. The only time I had a chance to qualify was friday afternoons when I got back from classes for a few hours and now that chance is gone.

They should introduce knockout tournaments during the weekend that can grant you delayed qualification a bit later into that weekend, so that those who cannot play on weekdays have a chance to qualify as well.

For many players, they think EA is going above and beyond with their support. This year, EA does their best to build a perfect football game. But they still need to improve themselves to make FIFA better.