In FIFA 17, you’ll see a variety of free packs, standard packs and promotional packs. The price of each pack type will depend upon the quality of players offered and occasionally the time of year. Very rarely EA will reduce the price of their packs, or increase the chances of packing higher rated players. At different times of the year, FIFA 17 packs will be more economical to purchase as better rated in-forms or new players will be available. In this updated FIFA 17 packs guide we’ll detail every new FIFA 17 Ultimate Team pack type that’s been available, along with optimal buying times.

Free Packs

Super Deluxe Users: 40 Free 15k Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, 2 per week over 20 weeks.
Deluxe Users: 20 Free 15k Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, 1 per week over 20 weeks.
Returning FUT 16 Users: Returning user packs will also be available, along with starter packs.

Standard Packs

.400 Coins Bronze Packs
.750 Coins Premium Bronze Packs


.2,500 Coins (or 50 FIFA Points) Silver Packs
.3,750 Coins (or 75 FIFA Points) Premium Silver Packs


.5,000 Coins (or 100 FIFA Points) Gold Packs
.7,500 Coins (or 150 FIFA Points) Premium Gold Packs


Promo Packs

15k Premium Gold Jumbo packs have been confirmed. More details in the coming weeks.


The most economical time to buy FUT 17 packs will be during a time where a lot of expensive in-forms are available and preferably towards the start of their release. Supply and demand dictate player prices and initially popular in-forms are in short supply and high demand, causing inflated prices. Very occasionally EA will release double chance offers, or reduced pack prices, meaning this also presents an amazing time to buy packs. The most expensive regular and in-form cards are gold, therefore most of you will want to purchase packs which offer a lot of gold players, with many rares.