There’s a lot going on with new penalties in FIFA 17 – in fact sometimes it seems the most scuffed shots are the easiest to score, thanks to some slightly wonky goalkeeping mechanics.

The main benefit, really, is that it allows you to change the exact position of your shot right up until the last minute, with the left analog stick now pointing in the exact direction of the goal, as opposed to being based on a kind of ‘acceleration’ mechanic as it was with FIFA 16.

Here’s how the new penalties work exactly:

  1. Penalties are started by you pressing LS in any direction.
  2. The direction of the penalty is dictated by two things: LS direction for left and right; power for higher or lower.
  3. For a high penalty, aim for just over 2 bars of power.
  4. For a low penalty, aim for a little over 1 bar of power.
  5. You can adjust your starting run up position with RS, to dummy the opponent (it’s not clear yet how much this really affects your penalty direction, if at all).
  6. Remember you can change the direction of your penalty at any point, just by pushing LS in your desired direction at any time during the run up – you don’t need to program in the direction whilst holding down the shoot button.