FIFA fanatics can look forward to having more control over set-piece situations in once they get their hands on the new FIFA 17 game.

FIFA 17 New Features

In FIFA 17, you will be able to play more tricks in positioning the ball, such as a free kick in you can now control the initial position of his teammates, you can adjust your approach distance and angle to open a tricky penalty, in an indirect free kick in you can choose placement of the ball, your teammates can make more easy assists score.

In the next installment of the franchise, gamers will have much more control over set pieces, as demonstrated in EA’s video by Colombia and Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez.

The ‘Set Piece Rewrite’ allows more control over free kick and penalty run ups, while throw-ins have also been enhanced, with the option of a fake throw now available in the new game. The new additions all allow for more variety in the technique in which each type of set piece is taken.

While it may not compare to the indoor mode that made the ’97 and ’98 versions cult-classics among the FIFA gaming community, more control over free-kicks will surely come as a welcome addition to the game.

FIFA 17 is also set to include it’s first ever story mode of the franchise with the “My Journey” campaign, where you will get to experience the life of an up-and-coming young footballer named Alex Hunter as he tries to make a name for himself in the Premier League. Visible in FIFA 17, the ball will be more interesting.