FIFA 17’s new story mdoe The Journey is a proper, branching RPG storyline, complete with conversation options ripped straight from Mass Effect. A blend of on-pitch performance and carefully considered dialogue choices will steer your version of youth prospect Alex Hunter toward Premier League stardom.

fifa17 story mode

That journey won’t be without speed bumps, though. Scenarios like getting sent out on loan to a championship club will require you to maintain your form on the pitch and Hunter may have to watch his best mate Gareth Walker gaining the plaudits while he toils away in England’s second league.

The storyline has been approved by real-life footballers and football journalists, so it hopefully won’t feel like hokey nonsense.

We’re rather excited for a mode that will raise the stakes of individual single-player FIFA matches and the production values are through the roof.

It’s all apparently made possible by the switch to Battlefield’s Frostbite Engine, which allows for detailed interiors of stadia, private jets and even Alex Hunter’s home, inside and out. It’s remarkable to see so many polygons dedicated to something as mundane and British as a terraced house.