Cristiano Ronaldo scored the key penalty as Real Madrid defeat Atletico Madrid 5-3 in Milan to win their 11th Champions League title.


Ronaldo emerges as the villain after missing two chances to seal the win before the 90 minute. But in the end he delivered when it really matters most and that is getting the crucial goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo Says Real Madrid Champions League Win All About Experience

Sergio Ramos gave Real Madrid the lead in the first half after his team dominated that half of the game. But Atletico game out in the second half much more composed. Antoine Griezmann missed a crucial penalty that would have equalized the game and subsequently giving Atletico the win in 90 minutes. Yannick Carrasco came on as a substitute and gave Diego Simeone team an equalizer with just 10 minutes to spear.

The game was still in deadlock even after the extra 30 minutes of play putting the game into a penalty shoot out. Atletico Madrid fans shed tears among the 80,000 fans in the stadium as Sergio Ramos lift the Champions League trophy.

Ronaldo finish this season with 51 goals and will be a Ballon d’Or contender.

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“Winning the Champions League was first and to be the top scorer,” Ronaldo said. “It’s the seventh year I’ve scored more than 50 goals, for the first time in history.”

“Zidane has done a phenomenal job. He deserves it, he has humility and I’m happy for him,” Ronaldo added.

Diego Simeone congratulated his city rivals saying that they were the better team in this match. Atletico fans may differ on that assessment.

“First I want to congratulate Madrid — they were better than us again, this time in the penalty shootout,” Simeone said.

“We began the game badly, got better after about 25 minutes. We had a chance to equalise quickly in second half, but we did not do take advantage of it. They had a chance for 2-0, but we equalised almost immediately afterwards. Then the game became very tactical, very draining, and the two teams were pretty tired.”