Improvements to the youth system so that your academy players actually play in a youth team and you can get regular updates on the results and the players’ development. Also, the ability to be able to agree a fee with a club for a player when it isn’t transfer season and then he’ll move to you as soon as it re-opens. Both of these features should be feasible for EA (Doubt they’ll add any of them though).

Sixteen Fifa 16 Career Mode Ideas

1.More leagues! Not just the popular ones, more Eastern European, African and Asian leagues would be nice.
2.More lower leagues such as the Conference
3.Pre-season tours
4.Proper youth academy instead of a basic youth squad
5.Reserve league (all games would be simulated)
6.Stadium upgrades
7.Manager database and players upon retirement can become a manager
8.More staff, such as coaches.
9.Player interaction
10.Detailed press conferences
11.More drama! Have clubs entering financial difficulty while another club is being taken over by some billionaire. Clubs move up and down in football all the time, just not in FIFA.
12.Kit updates every season
13.Thirty seasons instead of 15
14Connection between A teams and B teams, like Barcelona and Barcelona B.
15.More real life stadiums. Credit to EA as FIFA 15 was a massive step forward in this with the Premier League stadiums, but there is still room for more in other leagues.
16.There needs to be more commentators to do goal news. Alan Mcinally would not be at five grounds at the same time.

Like baseball games, you should have to send a player to warm up before sending him into the game. If they don’t warm up first, the chances for injury are higher and they don’t have their full stamina.

And one of the biggest changes I want to see is a more realistic schedule. No more 3 games in 5 days, no more playing on goofy days (THe EPL really doesn’t play on Thursdays or Fridays, for example).