First of all let me say that I 100% understand the opposition to price ranges but l truly do feel like they could be an integral part to keeping FUT 16 both fair and fun.



A large problem with price ranges in FUT 15 is that they were introduced part way through the lifecycle of FIFA thus completely throwing off the economy of FUT with many cards losing a large amount of value. In FUT 16 however we will be operating in a price range economy from the start. With no precedent for player prices the stigma of the lose of value will be removed. At the end of the day price ranges were put into to FUT 15 for two reasons:

1. To reduce coin selling/buying

2. To make the game more accessible to the casual player.

Obviously coin selling still exists but at least they’ve made it more difficult for the cheating ass hats. They have however made the game much more accessible by putting in price ranges.

At the beginning of FIFA being able to ever buy a player like Marco Reus seemed like a pipe dream due to his hyper-inflated price(largely thanks to the coin selling/buying ass hats) but now after progressing through the divisions and winning a few tournaments I am able to afford players like Reus which is how the game was meant to be played.

So for now maybe we should put down the pitchforks and allow EA to establish a full price range economy and not one ruined by hyper-inflation.